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Summary0002376: Watch for priests - Real-Time
DescriptionAllow nobles with troops to watch for priests of a certain religion or religions preaching in the region they are in, and arrest them the moment they start. Conceptually a great deal like patrolling the streets, but functionally much like hunting--with a twist. If you tell your unit to watch for priests for 5 hours, and for the next 5 RL hours, any priest attempting to preach or influence the peasants in that region has a high chance of being arrested (just as the current "arrest" option). Of course, this makes for some strange possibilities with arresting a priest in the region you just moved out from, after watching for him for 6 hours, 20 minutes before the turn...

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2007-01-25 00:03

administrator   ~0005935

I like the other idea better.

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