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Summary0002375: Watch for priests
DescriptionAllow nobles with troops to watch for priests of a certain religion or religions preaching in the region they are in, and arrest them the moment they start. Conceptually a great deal like patrolling the streets, but functionally much like hunting. You spend a certain amount of time, and you cannot take actions that would cause you to cease hunting, and for the rest of the turn, you have a good chance to capture any priest who tries something in your region. (If they are caught, the same thing happens as the current "arrest" option)

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related to 0002378 closeddanaris Set Guards 
related to 0002377 closedTom Watch for priests - Extended Time 



2007-03-22 11:52

administrator   ~0006913

I prefer the current arrest function. Yes, priests can save hours and move out again, but if they have to travel twice, there is very little time left for them to act.

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