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0009074BattleMaster Bugswrong behaviourpublic2017-05-23 22:21
ReporterGoldPandaAssigned Towimpie 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0009074: Stuck in "return" state
DescriptionAfter my noble was released from prison, I've been given the "You have just returned to active duty and are currently en route to the headquarters. Wait until sunrise/sunset (i.e. next turn) to continue playing." message for at least 2 turns now. In the mean time, my troops are getting hunted down. Please fix ASAP.
Steps To ReproduceGet released from prison. Get stuck in "return" state.
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Branch (shown in-game in the top-right corner)stable
Game WorldEast Island


related to 0009071 closedwimpie Left estate, but unable to take new estate. Also have more than 12 hours as Warrior. 
related to 0009070 closedwimpie Seems all worlds are not resetting flags for turn change and actions (policing, court etc) 



2017-05-14 06:44

reporter   ~0025731

Paraphernalia Report (27 minutes ago)
1 of your Scouts ran away to look for work where they will be paid in gold. Word of your bad leadership spreads and your honour drops one point.

Paraphernalia Report (27 minutes ago)
Your Healers are complaining about not having been paid for 9 days. Unless you pay them, they can desert.

Being Hunted (27 minutes ago)
Your men are hunted down by enemy troops bearing the banners of High Marshal Brynjar Snowdan and 2 of them get killed in ambushes and assaults. Morale drops 1 points.

Being Hunted (27 minutes ago)
Your men were wiped out by enemy hunting parties.

Returned to Active Duty (27 minutes ago)
personal message
You have returned to your realm's capital and are once again ready for action.

And when I try to do anything:

You are not currently in a proper location.

What the heck.


2017-05-14 11:32

manager   ~0025734

Could you perhaps give your character name or ID?


2017-05-14 14:45

reporter   ~0025736

The noble is Lionel Kinsey on East Island.


2017-05-14 17:05

manager   ~0025740

Tim Livefixed.

Should work on coming turn.

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